Tomorrow starts tonight

The most popular day to start a diet – the joke goes – is tomorrow.

But it’s not funny. So many of us set ourselves on new paths and goals and say “tomorrow is the day!” And while that’s good, know that you want to start tonight (if not now).

In fact, your successful day starts with you set it up the night before. Otherwise, you’re introducing chaos into your day sooner. So here’s a few things that you can do to prep for an ideal* day.

  • 1: Set your clothing out the night before. This includes your workout clothes and anything else you want to wear. Make the decision before you go to bed (or even at the start of your week).
  • 2: Prep your breakfast the night before. Hopefully you’re not just eating cereal and actually planning on cooking a good, healthy breakfast and avoiding milk-and-cereal carb and sugar loads.
  • 3: Similarly to #1 you should prepare anything you’ll need to properly start and complete your day out. Pack your bags, pre-prep or prepare your lunch.
  • 4: Journal or reflect on the day that’s just past. What is one thing (and only one thing) that didn’t go well that you can change to have a better day tomorrow?
  • 5: Write what you want to get done in the morning as a way to commit to whatever routine you’re gunning for. Visualize yourself doing it. Visualization is a powerful way to empower yourself to do something.
  • 6: Go to bed at a decent hour to allow yourself the appropriate amount of sleep for your type. This may also mean have a way to “wind down.”
  • 7: I’m writing this last, but it’s important. Stop working as you wind down. Give your brain a rest. Meditate if you need to help clear your mind of busy thoughts before reading or watching something entertaining. If you’re watching, try to remember that too much blue light can make it harder to sleep.

Is there anything else that you do to prepare yourself for success the next day? Great! I know this is a new blog with few commenters, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing it below or putting it forward in your life.