Is Driven to Dream More...

Dr. D strives toward his goal of helping young adults gain confidence and achieve the life they dream.

Is Ready for Daring Adventures...

His risk-taking spirit takes him to new  lands and new experiences.

Is Determined to Uphold a Legacy...

He gives back to his Gator Community in every way he can.

I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded, but I’ve succeeded because I’ve failed…


Professional Philosophy: How do my actions and choices benefit my students, my client partners, and those in my network over the long term?

My legacy is in the future success of those individuals.


Personal Philosophy: How have I benefited my mind, my body, and/or my spirit for growth today?


Dennis DiPasquale is an award winning lecturer at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business. He earned a doctorate in Mass Communication with a specialization in Advertising from the University of Florida where he studied consumers’ changes in motivation to adopt products at differing points in their lifecycle.  Previously he worked in IT and was a Brand Director for a mid-sized credit union. 



He also had his own business that evolved from offering creative services to strategic marketing advising, with a fun off-branch doing concert photography part-time. This odd career path has endowed Dennis (or, “Dr D” as his students call him) with a lot of experience that has evolved into professional and personal development advice for his students. Dennis works tirelessly to help his students gain confidence through imparting this wisdom, and now wants to bring that mission to you and/or your audiences.

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